New Energy Transfer supplies Polish Sorption Technology to Saudi Arabia

New Energy Transfer supplied a complete installation for desalination based on tree bed adsorption chillers. Installation is located in the Solar Village in Saudi Arabia.

Sollar Village, KACST, New Energy Transfer

The world’s largest adsorption desalination plant using tree bed adsorption chiller made in Poland! The cooling capacity of 1070kW and production of 100 t / d of desalinated water makes the installation on top of the installed and operated solutions of this kind in the world. The entire supply was executed from Poland by our company.

Complete installation has been manufactured, prepared and tested in Poland. The plant consisted of, among others, tree bed adsorption chiller with a capacity of 1070kW, open cooling tower specifically designed for use in desert conditions and a set of oil boilers and tanks necessary for system operation. After extensive tests, the installation was dismantled and sent to re-installation in Saudi Arabia. Installation was carried out under the leadership of the Implementation Director Jerzy Klimczak.

Timely execution of the installation was a major technological and logistics challenge. Thanks to system thorough testing in Poland, whole installation was completed according to the agreed budget and schedule – Jerzy Klimczak.