Our technologies:

As the first and only company in Poland we produce adsorption chillers dedicated to working with district heating networks. During 4 years we successfully commercialised innovative tree bed adsorption chiller technology – from concept to product. We cooperate with district heating sector, industry chambers of commerce and administration, promoting and disseminating the benefits of using heat to cooling solutions for the purpose of air conditioning.
We are realizing the idea of improving energy efficiency by means of sorption technology. As the first in the country we supplied large capacity absorption heat pumps for energy applications and series of commercial adsorption chillers for air – conditioning.
The highest quality of our equipment and services is guaranteed by multidisciplinary expertise, experience and cooperation with leading academic centres in Poland and abroad.
As part of research and development projects, we continuously improve the efficiency and reliability of our products, setting sorption technology trends in the world.

Decrease electric energy consumption for chilled water production by
Decrease fuel consumption for hot water production by
Increase energy efficiency of power generating units by
Increase reliability of electricity, heat and cold water production by